Barbers For Baja

A nonprofit organization on a mission to fill the hearts  and minds of youth throughout Baja California, MX. The vision came to life in 2020 at Kings Club Barbershop in Dana Point, California. For the holiday season Kings Club decided to promote a toy drive for La Misión in Baja California and asked local barbershops to get involved. In 30 short days, these barbershop communities raised over $7k in toys + funds for the children of La Misión. This positive momentum inspired these barbers to find more ways to help not only the people of La Misión, but surrounding communities throughout Baja. 

Through fundraising and events in the US and Baja, Barbers For Baja helps youth all across Baja have better access to medical supplies, and mainly: education. In 2021 Matt, the Founder partnered with some very generous brands to create the “B4B Holiday Box Sets. These sets have become the nonprofits main source of fundraising. The box sets are available November-January every year and 100% of proceeds go to helping youth in Baja achieve their goals and reach their dreams through the B4B Scholarship Program. This program financially supports young adults in Baja who are passionate about continuing their education, but don't have the means to do so. Barbers For Baja also partners with other nonprofits supporting Baja. Some of which include funding for Baja firefighters, EMTs, medical volunteers and the equipment + supplies they need to save lives.

One of the most important and impactful pieces of Barbers For Baja is the one-on-one relationships built in these communities. Instead of coming in and thinking they know what is best, the organization gets to know locals and asks what will best serve them and the needs of their community. At the end of the day, the connection felt between these young adults + families is the “why” behind each project.